Mark Westrate, LMSW, ACSW

It has been said, “How you live each day is how you live your life”. If you have day-to -day emotional, relational and performance problems, particularly from traits of ADHD, I can help.

My whole person approach to changing lives and mending relationships is based on psychologically effective interventions and is comfortable for those who are religiously committed or not. I am curious, creative and energetic as are most ADHD persons. My past clients say that I am easy to talk with, safe and a down-to-earth person.

My life experience also contributes to my effectiveness. Together, with my wife of 40 years, I have three young adult children who are successfully launching their own families and careers. I am excited to see our children use their gifts and abilities; growing spiritually and relationally while performing at their best.

I encourage you to call 616.396.6285 now, to schedule a meeting and figure out what you want to change in your life and how I can help.  

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