Timeco Bolden, LMSW, CAADC, ADS

There is a common denominator we share as people, life experiences.  People's experiences affect  their emotional compass.  As a therapist I  honor, being a part of my client's, "emotional growth moments", which is reflective of healing.  The therapeutic experience is healing space, shared between client and therapist, which requires transparency, trust, and a no judgment zone.    There are stages in life that require therapeutic processing: adjusting to life changes, depression, trauma, anxiety, familial problems, strained communication etc...  Wherever you  find yourself in the spectrum of life experiences, I welcome sharing therapeutic, healing space, and being a part of your "emotional growth moments".

EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (intensive trauma therapy), CAADC- Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, ADS- Acupuncture Detox Specialist.  I have extensive background in working with children and adolescents.